While many companies may offer lawyers to perform document review services, CounselQuest's unrelenting focus on quality control and process efficiency ensures that our review projects are performed accurately, professionally and cost-effectively, utilizing:


                • Top quality, licensed and insured review lawyers
                • Sedona Conference, EDRM and other industry best practices
                • An innovative, Lean Six Sigma-inspired, multistep project management system
                • Rigorous and  disciplined quality control protocols


Drawing on their combined years of experience in legal staffing, litigation support and legal services management, the principals of CounselQuest have developed an unparalleled service delivery platform for document review, analysis, organization and production.


Our experienced and reliable legal professionals combined with our local, knowledgeable and experienced project managers provide responsive, personalized service throughout the entire review phase. 


CounselQuest will maximize your document and ESI review accuracy and efficiency and reduce the time and expense you incur in connection with your review and production projects, historically the most costly phase of any e-discovery or due diligence undertaking.


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